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PostSubject: History    Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:24 pm

Quote :

Novus took place in the ancient Greece. The main-purpose was to force a great league with the worlds smartest and most dangerous men who together could establish world domination.
They researched for new weapons, tactics, chemicals and warefares.
Novus was the beggining of something strange, something rare. Something... New.

During the first world war, this league was gone. No-one knew they excisted and the roomer of Novus was just a myth. Until 1940. In the middle of World War II, Novus showed the world that they was back by airstriking the whole Europe with a chemical bomb they've'd been developed.
Once again the world was in fear. Novus terrored the world for many years and then dissapeared again. But now and then, they showed the world that no place was safe.

In September 2011, Novus attacked America just to show they was still excisting. The government however, decided to black out the story and putted the blame on terrorists.

For a long time, there was just small signs of Novus. But now we are back...!
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