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 [Example] My introduction

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PostSubject: [Example] My introduction   Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:57 pm

Hey there!
I'm Nostalgia, a swedish girl at the age of 17.
My real name is Felicia and I'm currently sutying Nature Science and hopefully I will become a veterinarian in the future!

I live toghether bith my boyfriend, Akoury, who's 19.
We've been in a relationship since 3rd may 2011 and we've been living together since august 2013.

Well, we have a dog called King. He's a 1 year old American Wolfhound, so he's pretty big.
I love all kind of animals, with exceptions for reptils and bugs. HATE THEM!!

At my sparetime I like tor relax, write some music or just chill infront of my computer.
I'm a gaming-girl, wich is pretty rare. I started my gaming-career at a browser MMOFPS game called "Begone". Pretty good actually. And that's where I started this clan btw. Anyways, I also trains Taekwondo, wich is a martial art. My boyfriend trains MMA and work as a security guard, so I'm trying to learn some things from him.. Wink

Anything else you wanna know? Feel free to ask me!!

Thanks folks!
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[Example] My introduction
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