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 Forum & Chat Rules

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PostSubject: Forum & Chat Rules   Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:53 pm

Forum Rules

No personal assaults/threats.
Threatning someone is illigeall and may result in a Police Report.
Personal assaults should not be attempt in this forum.

No bad behavior.
Bad language, bullying, racism ect are not allowed.

No spamming.
Spamming (Posting unwanted, un-related or massivly ammount of posts) are not allowed.

No trolling.
Trolling will be taken as Bad Behavior and are not allowed.

No multiply accounts.
Multiply accounts are not allowed in order to establish the rule above.
Having severall accounts will result in both accounts banned without warning and your having your IP banned for 60 days.

The forum Admins & Moderators have premission to kick/ban You without any warning if the situation calls.
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Forum & Chat Rules
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