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 Rules for Applicants.

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PostSubject: Rules for Applicants.   Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:05 pm

Rules for Applicants

Multiclanning/accounting are not allowed.
To keep loyalty within the clan, we do not accept a player having multiply accounts or clans. This will result in you being kicked without any warning.

Patience & Loyalty
You may be hold to wait for a long time. This is just to prove that you really want to join our clan and that you will be loyal to us.
During your waiting-period, we will check your background, history and information.
Please refer from spamming us. This will just end up badly for yourself.

Activity is very important.
You will need to be active, not only in-game, but in our chat as well.
Your test will be in chat as well as in game.

Your Attitude within the community.
Always be yourself, if you pretend to be someone you aren't we will find out.
Always be yourself, however it's recommended to have a Good Attitude.

No Cheats/Glitches/Hacks are allowed.
Any suspection about this will result in an automatic Rejection.

Be Honest and True.
Don't lever lie to us, we will find out.
Anything you say wich aren't true will just decrease your chance of joining.


Applicants will need to follow these rules as well as the Forum Rules.
Breaking any rules will result in a rejection and may result in a Ban.
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Rules for Applicants.
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