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 Rank System

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PostSubject: Rank System   Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:07 pm

Acting Leader/High-Council
This rank can not be achieved. The rank is given when the leader steps down, retires or leaves. This rank are for the Clan Leader.
Council is the highest rank given.
A Council takes order directly from the acting leader and can give orders to any member with a lower rank.
Councils are allowed to make own desitions but are recommended to have premission from the acting leader. Councils have premission to kick a member without premission from the acting leader. Councils are also allowed to do what the lower ranks are allowed to.

Council-rank are only given to the oldest, most skilled and active players.
To become a Council, you need to be very trustworthy, be extremly mature and have a great skill. You will also need to preform good for the clan.

Assembly is a rank combinated with another rank, example: General/Assembly.
As Assembly, you're allowed to take part of disscussions and desitions about the clan.
You have no right to make a desition but your opinion matters in the disscussion.

To become a Assembly-member, you need to be very active and mature.
You need to be respectfull and have a good attitude. You also need to help out alot within the clan, make up suggestions etc.
You will be suggested by a Council when they think you're ready.

Captains are allowed to start Clan Wars and invite new members after they have been approved by the acting leader or a Council.

To Become a Captain you need to be active, loyal and work hard for the clan.
After this, you'll need to be suggested to the Ledaer by a Council.

This rank is unofficial, wich means the rank will be hidden and not shown for others.
Corporal have duty to report members if they break rules, and they are allowed to start Clan Wars.

You can become Corporal by showing great maturity and skill.


Never ask for a rank, you will be suggested and promoted when we think you're ready.
Recieving a rank can and will take alot of hard work and alot of time. Some people may never reach this..
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Rank System
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